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5 Reasons We Love Fireball Whisky!

If you’ve been around The Nodding Donkey Greenville Ave. at all, then you know we’re suckers for Fireball Whisky. Well, really any whiskey – but Fireball has a special place in our heart. Why you ask? Here are 5 reasons why we love Fireball!


1.    It’s the Original Cinnamon Whiskey: When Fireball Whisky hit the scene in 2007, it was the lone ranger in the cinnamon whiskey category. Bars and college towns across the country started to go wild for this stuff, and the big dogs (we won’t name any names) started marketing their own cinnamon whiskeys.

2.    Real Cinnamon People: That’s right. No fake stuff here. All Fireball Whisky is made with 100% pure cinnamon. They say the rest of the recipe is top secret!

3.    We Like Funny Names: Have you noticed that Fireball Whisky spells “Whiskey” without an “E?” The spelling goes back to Fireball’s Canadian roots, as Canadians spell whiskey, “whisky.”

4.    100s of Shot Combinations: Fireball is great mixed with just about anything! Tons of shot options. Mix it with flavors like amaretto, apple, or peach for some of our favorites. Or just ask your bartender at The Nodding Donkey Greenville. He or she will be happy to give you their favorites!

5.    Perfect Balance of Sweet: Fireball is awesome as a shooter because it goes down smooth with sweet, warm undertones. So tasty.


Come in to the best sports bar in Dallas – The Nodding Donkey – to get your fill on Fireball Whisky today! We offer $4 Fireball ALL DAY Friday! Plus, if you join us this Friday, February 19, you’ll not only get $4 Fireball, but we’ll be offering our first green beer of the season too for St. PRACTICE Day! Ice luge, music, win swag, and more. Don’t forget to wear green! Can’t wait to see you!



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