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The Nodding Donkey Gives Back

Being the best sports bar in Dallas is not just about the food, drink specials, and the atmosphere. It’s also about giving back to the community that treats us so well!

The Nodding Donkey Greenville Ave. is proud to support many charities that benefit those less fortunate than ourselves. It’s part of our mission to be the best Dallas restaurant and bar. We love making serving others fun and rewarding for all, and so we try to host various events throughout the year to benefit others.

During the Christmas season, we helped collect toys for children who may otherwise have a grim Christmas by partnering with Toys for Tots as a drop location. Earlier this month, many of you came out to help us feed the homeless as we partnered with TangoTab. Thanks to your support, we were able to feed over 5,000 homeless people in our Dallas community! Wow!

Over 5,000 meals prepared for the homeless! Thank you to all who came out to help!

Over 5,000 meals prepared for the homeless! Thank you to all who came out to help!

Now we are offering yet another opportunity to have a little fun – and raise some money for a great cause too!

SAVE THE DATE NOW for our 4th Annual Nodding Donkey Charity Golf Tournament! It will be Friday, June 19, 2015, benefiting children in need. There will be food, fun, adult beverages, raffle tickets, and more! You will not want to miss it! It’s an event we look forward to every year! If you’d like more details or want to reserve your spot now, email acalabrese@calwink.com. Even if it isn’t your best day of golf, it’s sure to be the most fun!

In the meantime, join us for March Madness! Nearly every night in March there will be a game on, drink specials, and a rowdy crowd to keep you company! Join us for dinner, lunch, happy hour, or weekend brunch! Any time is a good time to visit The Nodding Donkey on Greenville Ave!