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Geeks Who Drink!

Looking for a fun time this Tuesday night?! Then head on over to The Nodding Donkey Greenville Ave. for a rousing evening of Tuesday Trivia.

geeks who drink dallas

If you know more than you should about Star Wars, or can name every country and its capital city, then this may be the game for you. It’s the game of absurd trivia that will have everyone rolling with laughter and engaged. Bonus – the more drinks you have, the more fun it is!

Step 1: Gather friends.

Gather up a group of your smartest, coolest friends and form a team at The Donkey. But remember to chose wisely. Friends don’t let friends play with dumb people.

Step 2: Fuel up.

Make sure to order a few drinks and entrees, or maybe a starter or two, to fuel your brainpower. Stacked Up Nachos are always a good choice, or maybe the Brisket Quesadillas.

And don’t forget that Tuesdays are half price champagne nights, so order a few glasses of bubbly to toast each time your team answers correctly. It’s sure to make the game even more fun. The Donkey also has $11 domestic pitchers every day, all day, and pizza half price every night after 10pm.

Step 3: Play the Game.

Game time is 8pm so be ready! Trivia ranges from silly to downright absurd, so you’re sure to get a laugh or two. It’s just pure fun.

Step 4: Win or Lose – Everyone’s a Winner.

Whether your team wins or loses, congratulate the winners by buying them a round of champagne. Or congratulate yourselves for a great effort. It’s half price on Tuesdays, remember?

Join us this coming Tuesday night – or any Tuesday night – to get in on the fun! It’s a great time and a great opportunity to make some new friends or mingle with old ones.