How to Grill the Perfect Burger at Home

Memorial Day and the summer grilling season is right around the corner, which means cookouts and time spent hosting backyard shindigs with friends. Sure, you’ve got a great grill – but do you have what it takes to make the perfect burger? The Nodding Donkey has a few tips for you on how to make the perfect Dallas burger at home (when you can’t come see us of course):


1.    Buy the Right Meat


You want patties that are juicy and moist, so skip the 90/10 meat even though you may think it’s better because it’s lean. You want a little fat to give the burgers flavor. Instead, opt for a beef chuck that is an 80/20 mix. 


2.    Use the Thumb Technique


Ever made burgers and they poof up like a balloon in the middle, making it very difficult to eat them on a bun? Prevent the balloon effect by gently putting a thumb-shaped divot in each patty before putting them on the grill. That divot will rise, but keep the meat more even when cooking. Genius! 


3.    Don’t Overhandle the Meat


As you’re forming the patties and adding in your secret mix-ins (yes, we know everyone has their own secret formula for the perfect patty), be sure not to overhandle the meat. Overhandling the meat makes the meat dry and hard, not juicy and flavorful. 


Also – be sure not to overhandle the meat on the grill either. Only flip the patty once the patty begins to lift from the grill grate and no longer sticks, but do not press the patty as it cooks. This will only press out precious juices that add flavor.


4.    Make the Patties Larger than the Bun


Meat shrinks as it cooks, which means if you make those patties too small, then the buns are going to seem huge. Instead, form patties that are slightly bigger than your buns in order to make the perfect burger. 


5.    Let the Meat Rest


After grilling, let the patties rest for a few minutes before serving. This allows the juices to redistribute evenly throughout the meat and create the best burger possible.


Happy Memorial Day from your friends at The Nodding Donkey! 


And as always, if you want to skip all this grilling nonsense and get the best burger in Uptown Dallas prepared for you, then come see us this week at The Nodding Donkey! 

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The Mystery Behind the Copper Mug

What makes that copper mug so special anyway? 

 You know…the one that holds the Moscow Mule? 


At The Nodding Donkey, we pride ourselves on being the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas, and with that comes a killer drink menu. A few years ago, the Moscow Mule took off as a customer favorite and continues to be extremely popular today. But why the copper mug? Here are a few reasons why the copper mug and the mule go hand-in-hand:


1.   It’s Science Baby.

Here’s the thing – copper is a natural insulator. Even in the heat of summer, that drink will stay cooler in the mug. And yet at the same time, the copper quickly takes on the ice cold properties of your mule, giving you that icy, frozen sensation every time your lips meet the metal. Not to mention, the handle is perfect for keeping the heat of your hand away from the cool drink, allowing the drink the opportunity to stay at optimal temperatures longer. 


2.   They Taste Better.

Okay, this one is subjective, but many experts believe that when copper reacts with vodka, it creates an oxidation effect, boosting the flavor profile of the mule. Also – copper increases the carbonation in the mug, simply by keeping the drink colder than other glasses can do. And maybe it’s just us, but it seems like the citrusy lime flavor gets a boost too when met with the chill of a copper mug. 


3.   It’s Timeless. 

Ever since the Moscow Mule was invented in the 1940s, the copper mug has been a part of the experience. Whether you believe that the copper enhances flavor or not, you can’t argue that there is something timeless about holding a Moscow Mule in a copper mug. 

moscow mule best sports bar dallas texas nodding donkey.jpg


Thirsty for a mule? Come see us at the best sports bar in Uptown Dallas, Texas – The Nodding Donkey – today for Moscow mules, beer, wine, and more! 

What Makes The Nodding Donkey the Best Sports Bar in Dallas, Texas?

A few years ago D Magazine dubbed The Nodding Donkey the best sports bar in Dallas and it’s a reputation we’ve been striving to live up to ever since! We know you have options when it comes to where you watch the game, and we’re thrilled you choose to come hang out with us at The Donkey. 


For those of you who haven’t caught a game or joined us for happy hour at The Nodding Donkey, here are just a few reasons why we’re the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas:


20 Massive TVs

Want to watch the game? Want to watch a game others aren’t watching? With 20 huge TVs we make sure there isn’t a bad seat in the house to catch all the action. And if you’re interested in watching a game that others aren’t watching, just let our staff know. We’ll get it going on one of our big screens, with options available for both indoor and outdoor viewing. 


The Best Parlor Games


Life-Sized Jenga. Cornhole. Giant Connect 4. These are just a few of the parlor games you can find here at The Nodding Donkey. We want to create an environment that is fun for all, so take in the indoor/outdoor space and play a few games during halftime or commercial breaks. Not really into the game but along for the fun? Then our parlor games help pass the time (craft beer and cocktails help too). 

best sports bar dallas texas the nodding donkey

Cooled Patio – All the Way Around


One thing our guests truly love about The Nodding Donkey is the wrap around patio, offering an indoor/outdoor vibe that’s just perfect for a cool Spring evening. And for those Summer evenings when it’s a balmy 100 degrees in North Texas….The Nodding Donkey has misters to cool you right off! 


Best Bar Food in Dallas, Texas


Bar food is hardly a thing here at The Nodding Donkey because ours far suprasses the typical offerings. Sure, we might offer appetizers such as fried pickles and chicken strips, but the also come with a difference you can taste. Hand-breaded, fresh never frozen, scratch kitchen cooking….these are the types of things that set our menu apart and make our food the best bar food in Dallas.


Come see us this week at The Nodding Donkey in Dallas, Texas for hockey, baseball, and more! 

The Weekend isn’t Complete Without Brunch at The Nodding Donkey!

If you love eating at The Nodding Donkey during the week, then don’t miss the opportunity to try our weekend brunch as well!


The Nodding Donkey – the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas – is open on weekends and serves Dallas brunch from 11am-2pm on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a great chance to catch an early game and eat some amazing food. 


Brunch: Tex-Mex Style

As is the case with most of our menu items at The Donkey, our brunch menu looks like it’s been hit by the Tex-Mex train. Each of our traditional brunch offerings has been infused with a little bit of Mexican…or maybe a little bit of southern bbq. Either way, you’re gonna love it. Here are a few of our customer favorites:

dallas brunch the nodding donkey dallas texas


Brisket & Scramble Tacos

Each of these breakfast tacos is stacked high with hickory smoked brisket, fluffy scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, and a green chili sauce, all wrapped in warm corn tortillas. Frankly, this is a meal we’d eat any time of the day, it’s just so good.


Backyard Benedict

Traditionally fussy and stuffy, our eggs benedict gets a makeover! Think biscuits and gravy – but better! – as each of our fresh biscuits is toasted and topped with Canadian bacon, fried eggs, and tasso ham gravy. 


Salsa’d Eggs

We frequently get requests for Gluten Free menu items in Dallas, and this one is perfect for brunch! Fluffy scrambled eggs get sautéed with salsa, then served with sliced avocados, pico de gallo, and corn tortillas. 


Brunch Drink Specials in Dallas at The Nodding Donkey

As you’re contemplating which menu item to order, don’t forget to save room for Dallas drink specials! Bloody Marys and Mimosas are just $4 during brunch! Or get $20 buckets of beer! 


Got weekend plans? Join us at The Nodding Donkey for Dallas brunch

What’s for Lunch? Try Lunch Specials at The Nodding Donkey.

Not sure what to have for lunch this week? Treat yourself to a fabulous lunch at a fraction of the cost with Dallas lunch specials at The Nodding Donkey!

Dallas Lunch Specials

 Who says a great lunch must be expensive? Here is the rundown on our dallas lunch specials, each with a price tag that’s easy on the wallet:


Monday: Burgers - $8.95

 Our burgers far surpass the fast food burger any day! We only use premium beef and fresh brioche buns for a difference you can taste. Choose between the Saloon Burger, Mushroom & Swiss Burger, or Bacon Blue Cheese Burger.


Tuesday: Salads - $9.95

 Don’t forget that swimsuit season is only 2 months away? Get one step closer to that summer body with a delicious salad at The Nodding Donkey! 5 great choices including the famous Silver Bowl Salad, the Mediterranean Salad, and the Texas Cobb Salad. 


Wednesday: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich - $9.95

Our mouthwatering Buffalo Chicken Sandwich is hard to beat with crispy chicken, tossed in sweet cayenne sauce, then wedged in a soft brioche bun. It’s an easy choice for Wednesday’s Hump Day lunch. The only hard choice is deciding which craft beer to pair with it.


Thursday: Fajitas - $9.95

Tex-Mex reigns supreme in Dallas, and our fajitas are always on point. Perfectly seasoned chicken and beef and all the fixins. Life is better with fajitas in it! 

dallas lunch specials nodding donkey fajitas


Friday: Chicken Strips - $8.95


Served plain and spicy, you simply can’t go wrong with our homemade chicken strips. Each is battered in 9 herbs and spices before hitting the fryer. Plus – you can fabulous fresh cut fries on the side. Want them gluten free? That’s an option too, just ask your server.


Ready for the best lunch specials in Dallas, Texas? Come see us this week for lunch specials at The Nodding Donkey!  

*Pricing and specials are subject to change without notice. Ask your server for details.

Register NOW: 9th Annual Nodding Donkey Charity Golf Tournament

It’s that time again…time for one of our favorite events of the year! Can you believe we’ve been doing this for 9 years?! 


It’s time to register for the 9th Annual Nodding Donkey Charity Golf Tournament. A great day of fun where we drink too much, laugh too much, eat too much, and oh yeah – we play some golf too.


When and Where?


The Dallas charity golf tournament takes place on Friday, June 7, 2019. Work until noon, then join us at noon, as the tents will open at that time, and then the actual tourney starts at 1pm and lasts until around 7pm. We will be at The Golf Club of Dallas this year, located at 2200 West Red Bird Lane, Dallas, Texas, 75232.


What Can I Expect?


Tents open at noon for event registration, lunch, and beverages brought to you by your favorite Dallas sports bar – The Nodding Donkey of course! Next, you’ll move on to the course, where we’ll compete 4-man scramble style. After the tourney, dinner and drinks are served and winners are announced. Basically – you’ll have tons of fun with friends new and old, what’s not to love?!


How Much Is it?


The 9th Annual Nodding Donkey Charity Golf Tournament is $150/player, and that includes your cart, day of golfing, driving range access, lunch, dinner, and beverages. When you register online, your fees come with a charity receipt, so support a good cause and get a tax break while you’re at it. 


nodding donkey charity golf tournament

Register Today for our Dallas Charity Golf Tournament! 


Registration is already filling up fast, so visit the link here to reserve your space. Find a few friends to complete your foursome - or register alone and we’ll place you with a team who will be your new best friends by the end of the day. 


What are you waiting for? Register now! In the meantime, visit us at The Nodding Donkey for March Madness, MLB Baseball, and all the games you’d expect at the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas.   

March Madness: Catch the Action at The Nodding Donkey!

Yesterday was Selection Sunday which can only mean one thing – March Madness is here! At the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas – we’re pretty excited and ready to share the action with you!


What’s the March Madness Schedule?!


Anytime, a game is on, you know we’ll have it on one of our 17+ big screen TVs. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and it’s one of the reasons our guests love coming back again and again for gameday action. Here’s the rundown on game dates so you’ll know when to join us:


·     March 19: First Four – 5:40pm and 8:10pm

·     March 20: First Four – 5:40pm and 8:10pm

·     March 21: First Round – Games begin at 11:15am and continue into the evening hours. Join us anytime for Dallas drink specials, happy hour, or lunch!  

·     March 22: First Round – Games begin at 11:15am and continue into the evening hours. Make it a great Friday and grab craft beer and a seat on the patio for a little March Madness.

·     March 23: Second Round – Times TBD

·     March 24: Second Round – Times TBD

·     March 28: Sweet 16

·     March 29: Sweet 16

·     March 30: Elite 8

·     March 31: Elite 8

·     April 6: Final 4

·     April 8: Final 4


It’s going to be a fun couple weeks, but this week is the best because there is so much basketball to see! 

march madness dallas texas nodding donkey.jpg


Dallas Drink Specials at The Nodding Donkey Every Day!


Any day of the week is a great day to get a bargain on some of the best craft beer, cocktails, and wine in Dallas! Check here to get the complete list of Dallas drink specials, including deals on our famous Donkey Punch and Purple Nurples, along with deals on buckets of beer on the weekends. 


Who’s ready for March Madness?! See you this week at The Nodding Donkey, the best sports bar in Dallas, for all the fun!

2019 Cocktail Trends You'll Want to Know About

As the best sports bar in Dallas, we’ve got a pulse on what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to cocktails, spirits, craft beer, and wine. 

So what can we expect to see in the cocktail industry this year? We’ve scoured the expert lists and taken note of what we’re seeing in-house to bring you our list of expected 2019 cocktail trends


Multi-Sensory Experiences

 We’re seeing an influx in multi-sensory experiences that add to the enjoyment of a cocktail and make it feel more unique. One way bartenders are doing this is with smoked cocktails and spirits. Another is with variations in ice – giant chunks of ice, small shaved ice pieces, and even customized branded ice are taking the scene and adding to the overall cocktail experience.


It’s All About Colors that Pop

 With social media taking over so much of our lives, a trend toward creating cocktails that not only taste great – but look mouthwateringly fantastic too – is a very real thing. Look to see more bright colors, striking garnishes, and interesting glasses take over your local bars and Instagram account alike.

2019 cocktail trends dallas sports bar nodding donkey.jpg


Drink Your Veggies

Cocktails that infuse vegetables are on the rise, offering healthier alternatives to the sugar laden cocktails of the past. Chefs are seeing more herbs too. Think cucumber, dill, carrots, and even mushroom incorporated into cocktails near you.


 Less Sweet; More Savory

In line with more veggies, expect to see less sweet cocktail offerings. Bartenders are pairing down the cocktails, going back to simpler ingredient lists, made with higher quality ingredients. Bitters are also on the rise, contributing to fresh – and not overly sweet – flavor combinations.



Bartenders nationwide are discussing how to leave a smaller carbon footprint, with sustainability even finding its way into the cocktail discussion. Bartenders are looking for ways to leave less waste and skip wasteful add-ons like straws. 


What do you think? What’s on the horizon for 2019? 


Ready for a drink? Join us at The Nodding Donkey – the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas

Make It a Texican Thursday at The Nodding Donkey

Texican Thursday– say what?! What the heck does that mean?


At The Nodding Donkey, “Texican” refers to our menu of Tex-Mex favorites. Sure, others have Taco Tuesday, but at The Nodding Donkey, we’ve got Texican Thursday


Alright. That’s not really a thing, but seriously, our Texican menu is pretty amazing and we do offer additional Texican lunch specials on Thursdays. Want to learn more? Read on –


Texican Menu at The Nodding Donkey


In Dallas, we sure love our Tex-Mex, and when considering a great place to get your fix, don’t count The Nodding Donkey out! We’ve got a full selection of tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, and more, each with our signature Texican flare. You can’t go wrong with any of them, perfect for pairing with a great draft beer or margarita.


Many customers love our Allen Street Tacos. The entrée comes with your choice of 3 tacos – brisket, chicken, or pulled pork – then each is topped with pico, cotija cheese, and lettuce. Add in our homemade fire roasted salsa, and these tacos are pretty hard to beat! 


Thursday Special: Fajitas!


Did your tastebuds begin to water as you read “fajitas”? It’s hard to beat good fajitas, and we think ours are some of the best fajitas in Dallas, Texas! All day Thursdays, get our delicious fajitas for just $9.95! Choose between chicken or beef, then load them up how you like ‘em! Served with all the fixins: grilled onions, bell peppers, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and homemade salsa.


Happy Hour Special: Brisket Queso!


The Nodding Donkey’s brisket queso is a customer favorite, and it can be yours for just $6 during Happy Hour! 4-7pm daily, get a great deal on brisket queso, along with other select appetizers, local beers, imports, domestics, wells, and house wine.


Who’s ready for Texican Thursday?! Join us at State & Allen Kitchen + Bar – the best restaurant in Dallas, Texas - today! 

Pricing and promotions subject to change. Ask your server for current pricing and offers.

texican thursday the nodding donkey best dallas sports bar

The Nodding Donkey Wants to See you at the St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl!

What are you doing Sunday, March 17?


Not sure?


Mark your calendars now because The Nodding Donkey is participating in the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl, and we want to see you there!


What is the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl?


The Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl – hosted by Barcrawlerz – is sure to be your favorite bar crawl yet. All the best bars in Dallas – including The Nodding Donkey of course – will be a part of this fabulous event that allows you to mingle at your leisure and get the best Dallas drink specials while you’re at it. 


How Does the Bar Crawl Work?


It’s simple! First, you need to pre-purchase your wristband here: On the day of the event, check in at the British Beverage Company (2800 Routh St.) to pickup your wristband, a map of participating bars, and get a list of all the drink specials. From there, just go have fun! Move from bar to bar at your leisure, enjoying specials such as $3 beers, $4 wells, and $5 shots. The event lasts from 11am-2am. 


Sign-Up Now to Get Great St. Patrick’s Day Specials at The Nodding Donkey!


Pre-purchase your wristband now and come see us on St. Patrick’s Day for amazing drink specials at The Nodding Donkey! A full list of specials will be available 24 hours prior to the event. 


In the meantime, come see us any other day of the week and get other fabulous drink specials as well! We have $6 Crown Royal on Mondays, $7 Crooked Fox Cocktails on Tuesdays, $5 Donkey Punch and Nurples on Wednesdays, $5 Three Olives Vodka on Thursdays, $7 Ketel One Vodka on Fridays, brunch specials on the weekends, and so much more. Ask your server for the full list of specials, as the list is subject to change. 

st. patrick's day bar crawl the nodding donkey dallas texas

*Specials and menu items subject to change. Ask your server for current offers.

Valentine’s Day + Vodka Drink Specials = Love

In case you have been hiding under a rock, you probably know that Valentine’s Day is just a week away. No plans? No date? No problem! 


We’d love to see you at The Nodding Donkey for drinks, fun, and great food! Make it a Galentine’s Day and bring all your girlfriends  - or just plan to meet the guys up here for craft beer and cornhole. 


Thursdays are $5 Three Olives Vodka Nights!


This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Thursday – which means $5 Three Olives Vodka! In honor of vodka nights at The Nodding Donkey, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite cocktails to order with Three Olives Vodka! Read on to learn more –


Moscow Mule


Mules took the world by storm a few years back and we still haven’t recovered! Who doesn’t love a tangy mule – with ginger and lime - in a copper mug?! Order your mule with Three Olives Vodka and you’ll experience how smooth it is. 




It’s Valentine’s Day; you might as well order a fruity red drink, right? Cosmos are a great Valentine’s Day treat, and even better when made with Three Olives Vodka and part of our Dallas drink specials!


dallas valentine's day specials the nodding donkey

Lemon Drop


Sweet and sour, the lemon drop is a fabulous vodka drink. A fresh take on the traditional vodka martini, you’ll love a Three Olives Vodka Lemon Drop.


Vodka Tonic


Who needs complicated? A vodka tonic is always a great way to enjoy high quality vodka like Three Olives. And bonus – it’s light on the calories too.


Who’s ready for Valentine’s Day at The Nodding Donkey?! Come see us for $5 Three Olives Vodka all day – plus other Valentine’s Day drink specials! Not to mention, we’ve got some pretty amazing appetizers, burgers, salads, Tex-Mex, and more. Just ask your server for details. 

*Menu items and specials are subject to change. Ask your server for current specials and details.

Super Bowl Sunday and More: Upcoming Events at The Nodding Donkey

At The Nodding Donkey, there is always a cause for celebration. 


As the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas, we’ve always got a game on – which means there’s something to cheer about, right?!


That being said, one of our favorite events of the year is coming up this weekend and you’ll want to get in on the action! Plus, there is more fun to be had throughout the month of February! Let’s celebrate together!!


Super Bowl Sunday – February 3


Buckets of beer, brunch, and more! Grab your friends and get here early for Super Bowl Sunday at The Nodding Donkey! The New England Patriots take on the New England Rams and we’re hoping for a good game. And if not, there are always the commercials to fall back on. Check with your server for Super Bowl Sunday food and drink specials in Dallas.


Valentine’s Day – February 14


Whether you’re spending it with someone you love, or just flying solo, come celebrate at The Donkey! It is a great place for a casual date and a game of cornhole or life-sized Jenga on the patio. Or grab a handcrafted cocktail, glass of wine, or craft beer for pre-drinks at The Donkey, then head to State & Allen Kitchen + Bar for a fine dining experience in Dallas.


National Margarita Day – February 22


Yes, it’s a thing. And we’re excited! Any excuse to offer drink specials and eat Tex-Mex is fine with us! The Nodding Donkey makes an amazing top shelf margarita, with Tres Agaves tequila, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice. No mixes here! Pair it with chips and queso, enchiladas, tacos, or fajitas from our Texican menu. 

best sports bar in dallas texas the nodding donkey


February is going to be a great month at The Nodding Donkey – the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas! We’ll save you a seat!

Specials and menu items subject to change. Please ask your server for details on current offers from The Nodding Donkey.

Dallas Specials for 2019 at The Nodding Donkey

It’s a new year with new resolutions. And one of those resolutions may be to save a little more money in 2019. We’re no financial experts BUT we do have a suggestion on how to eat great food at a fraction of the cost, leaving a few extra bucks in your pocket: Grab lunch or dinner at The Nodding Donkey! Every day of the week, we’ve got killer daily Dallas specials. Each one is a mouthwatering favorite at a fraction of the regular price:


Monday: $8.95 Burgers


Skip the fast food burger and come on out to The Nodding Donkey for a high quality, juicy burger, loaded with all the fixins. Choose between the Saloon Burger, Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, Mushroom, Onion, and Swiss Burger, or just build your own.


Tuesday: $9.95 Salads


The Nodding Donkey has 5 different, incredible salads on the menu; get any of them for under $10 on Tuesdays! Large, filling, and healthy – what’s not to love about a salad for lunch?!


Wednesday: $9.95 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


We start by frying crispy chicken breast, then toss it in our signature cayenne pepper sauce. Load that on a soft brioche bun with a side of blue cheese dressing, and you’re set! Choose between our freshly cut fries, waffle fries, fruit, or a side salad to go with it.


Thursday: $9.95 Fajitas


Sizzling hot, you really can’t go wrong with fajitas for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Choose between chicken or beef, or order the combo. Just don’t forget to order a craft beer to go with it!


Friday: $8.95 Chicken Strips


The S&A Chicken Strips are a signature item at The Nodding Donkey and our sister restaurant, State & Allen. Crispy and fried to perfection, you just need to choose your dipping sauce.  


So if you’re looking for good food that won’t break the bank, stop in to The Nodding Donkey for our Uptown Dallas food specials, served every day of the week. 

chicken strips state and allen the nodding donkey


*Pricing, menu items, and specials subject to change. Ask your server for details on current offers. 

Stick to Your New Year's Resolution and Bring on the Salads!

Did you set a New Year’s Resolution?


Did it have anything to do with eating healthier and losing weight?


We can’t help you exercise, but we can point you to our delicious salads. Loaded with deliciousness and by far healthier than an order of fried Donkey Balls, our Dallas salads are the perfect way to kick off 2019.


Delicious Choices


Just glance at our salad menu and your mouth will be watering for the best salad in Dallas. We have everything from the Mediterranean with olives, feta, cherry tomatoes, and artichokes – to Texas Baja with grilled chicken, black beans, and Oaxaca cheese – to Miso Tuna with its own miso peanut sauce – and more. Each salad is carefully crafted by our chefs for maximum flavor in every bite. Not to mention, the highest quality ingredients for a difference you can taste. Here’s the full rundown on our salads available:


·     The Famous Silver Bowl Salad

·     Texas Cobb

·     Texas Baja

·     Mediterranean

·     Miso Tuna

salad the nodding donkey dallas texas


Made to Order


Each salad is always made to order, so if there is something you don’t like on a particular salad – or something you want to add – feel free to as your server. 


Scratch Dressings


Each of the salad dressings offered at The Nodding Donkey is made from scratch in-house. That means we skip the unnecessary fillers and preservatives and give you something that is simply made with quality ingredients. What are the choices? Blue Cheese, Balsamic, Mango, Champagne Vinaigrette, Caesar, Ranch, Red Ranch, or Honey Mustard. 


Ready to try some of the best salads in Dallas, Texas? Join us this week at The Nodding Donkey, Uptown Dallas’s favorite sports bar. Watch the game, grab a salad, and save your calories for a delicious craft beer or cocktail. We have a huge selection of drinks and specials change daily. Just ask your server for details. 

Hands Down the Best Appetizers in Town! – The Nodding Donkey

Don’t take our word for it…just ask your friends! 


It’s not really a scientific poll, but we’re pretty sure if you start asking around, everyone will agree that the starters at The Donkey are out of this world good. They aren’t fancy. Or elaborate. Just good food and quality ingredients, cooked well, for a delicious flavor that just tastes better. Yeah…we’re pretty sure they’re the best appetizers in Dallas.


When it’s Got to Be Crispy…


Want a crispy appetizer? Who doesn’t?! Fried foods are our specialty and we’ve got that crispy, golden brown crust down to a science. Willy’s Wagon Wheels (fried pickles), Donkey Balls (fried Oaxaca cheese), S&A Chicken Strips, Homemade Jalapeno Skins, and more… you can’t go wrong with any of these fabulous appetizers. Can’t pick just one? Order the Texas-Sized Sampler for your table, providing an array of fried food with 3 dipping sauces. Add a couple buckets of beer and it’s the perfect accompaniment for bowl game watching.


Yep…We Cut the Cheese…


Some of our most popular starters are loaded with ooey gooey cheese, including our ever popular Brisket Queso. Cheddar cheese, shredded brisket (cooked in-house of course), fire roasted Anaheim peppers, corn, pico, jalapenos, and chow chow are all combined for the perfect queso. Don’t be surprised if you’ve got to order seconds… Another cheesy favorite? The BBQ Brisket Grilled Cheese. While not a starter, this amazing sandwich has been getting rave reviews since we opened our restaurant doors. 


It’s Hip to Dip


Queso isn’t our only popular dip. Order your favorite craft beer or cocktail, then pair it with chips and salsa or chips and the triple dip. The Triple Dip is perfect for a crowd, as it’s a combination of guac, salsa, and our brisket queso, served with chips.


Join us this week for bowl games and the best appetizers in Dallas, Texas! We can’t wait to see you at The Nodding Donkey – Dallas’ best sports bar

photo credit djchrissocal

photo credit djchrissocal

Merry Everything! – Visit The Nodding Donkey this Holiday Season

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… 


Can you hear the song playing in your head?! With less than a week until Christmas Day, chances are you’ve still got a ton to do before the big day. 


At The Nodding Donkey, we’re full of holiday cheer and would love to help you out with fuel to make it through the season and give you a few gift ideas. 


Fuel Up at The Nodding Donkey!


The holidays can be rough. So much to do, so little time. Holiday parties. Family gatherings. Fighting the crowds. Before heading out to your holiday festivities, join us at The Nodding Donkey to fuel up! We serve our delicious brunch every day of the week, so no excuses for skipping breakfast. And of course, we are always here for lunch, dinner, or happy hour too. Join us during the week and get Dallas lunch specials every week day. 


The Nodding Donkey has Last Minute Gifts!


Still have gifts to check off your list? Here’s the plan: come grab a bite to eat at The Nodding Donkey, then grab some gift cards and swag while you are here! Who wouldn’t want the gift of free food for Christmas? And our t-shirts and gear make unique gifts for those who love The Nodding Donkey as much as you do. 


The Nodding Donkey is Bowl Game Central!


As the best sports bar in Dallas, we’re bowl game central this time of year! Bring your friends and family and join us as we root on all your favorite teams over buckets of beer and piping hot appetizers. With over seventeen big screens throughout the restaurant and plenty of lawn games, there’s never a bad seat in the house.    

best sports bar dallas texas the nodding donkey


Happy Holidays from all your friends here at The Nodding Donkey! 

*Pricing and promotions subject to change without notice. Ask your server for current specials and details.

Dallas Drink Specials to Get You in the Holiday Spirit!

Ready to experience a little holiday cheer?


The Nodding Donkey is the place for that! As the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas, we’re known for a great selection of wine, beer (craft, domestic, imports, you name it!), liquor, cocktails, and of course, Dallas drink specials! Whether you’ve just finished up a little holiday shopping or are coming off a long day and joining us for happy hour, The Nodding Donkey has a Dallas drink special just for you – every day of the week! 


Monday - $6 Crown Royal


Turn that Monday frown upside down with $6 Crown Royal Dallas drink specials! Get great deals on Crown Royal Deluxe, Regal Apple, Vanilla, and Benders Mash. Drink it straight or mix it – the choice is yours. 


Tuesday - $7 Crooked Fox Cocktails


Founded in North Texas, Crooked Fox bourbon whiskey is one of our favorites. It’s smooth and delicious, whether it’s mixed or on the rocks. On Tuesdays, enjoy it for just $7 each! It’s a great way to shop local.


Wednesday - $5 Nurples & Donkey Punch


What better way to spend your hump day than with Donkey Punch and Nurples at The Nodding Donkey?! Our signature trash can drinks are just $5 on Wednesdays!!


Thursday - $5 Three Olives Vodka


In the mood for a mule or vodka tonic? Three Olives Vodka comes to you straight from England, where they use water from a lake in Wales (fancy!) and quadruple distill their vodka for a smooth, premium finish every time. Lots of flavors to make it your own!


Friday - $7 Ketel One Family Vodka


In case you miss vodka night on Thursdays, come in on Fridays at try Ketel One Vodkas for just $7/pop! Brought to you from the Netherlands, this family owned vodka is absolutely delicious.


Saturday & Sunday - $20 Buckets of Beer & $4 Bloody Marys and Mimosas

bucket of beer specials dallas texas nodding donkey


The weekends are for fun, so grab some friends and head to The Nodding Donkey for great Dallas drink specials! You can get one of our signature buckets of beer on Saturday (Bud Light) and Sunday (Miller Lite) for just $20! Or head in for brunch and get $4 Bloodys and Mimosas. 


Dallas drink specials abound at The Nodding Donkey this holiday season so come in and join us for a drink or two!

Specials subject to change. Talk to your server for details.

The History of the Happy Hour

Have you ever wondered how “happy hour” got its name? 


You’d be surprised to learn that one of our favorite phrases, “Happy Hour!” actually dates back to WWI and a group of homemakers… Sound intriguing? Read on to learn about the history of happy hour


Happy Hours at Sea


During WWI, a group of well meaning homemakers – determined to make life for our Navy officers at sea more pleasant – started “Happy Hour” on board the Navy’s USS Arkansas, which quickly spread to other ships. These happy hours would be a time for them to smoke and enjoy entertainment including wrestling matches, movies, dances, and boxing in the evenings.

dallas happy hour.jpg


Modern Day Happy Hour


Before dinner drinking really began to take off during the Prohibition. Speakeasys readily advertised happy hours where their guests could enjoy drinks before they headed out to have dinner at restaurants that were not allowed to serve alcohol. As the Prohibition ended in the 1930s, the acceptability of day drinking began to rise in the workplace. For white collar workers in the 1950s and 60s, day drinking was just a part of the job and restaurants began opening advertising “happy hours” for drink specials after work. (Think Mad Men.) Interest in happy hour declined through the 70s, 80s, and 90s, but has since made a modern day resurgence. Let’s drink to that!


Dallas Happy Hour at The Nodding Donkey


Well now that you’ve gotten your daily dose of history and useless trivia, it’s time to talk about when you’re coming in to partake in your next Dallas Happy Hour at The Nodding Donkey! Join us any day this week for daily happy hour specials on drinks and appetizers; just ask your server for details on which handcrafted cocktails, craft beer, delicious appetizers, and wine specials are available that day! We’re the best sports bar in Dallas for a reason! 

Tips on How to Serve up a Sweet Holiday Season

By: Jenny Wise

Santa needs a little help, and it’s time to start counting your dollars for Christmas. It’s also time to start looking at seasonal employment. There’s no better place to apply than your local diner or dive. Keep reading for the answer on how you can put yourself in a better position to land a coveted seasonal situation in the service industry.


The Restaurant Industry Has Potential

As an entry-level server, you can expect to bring home around $10 per hour when you factor in tips. If you work at a high-end establishment, you have the potential to earn much more. Like other high-paying seasonal jobs, working in the foodservice industry has one important benefit: flexibility. However, it’s not for everyone; being the face of a restaurant and interacting with customers every moment you’re on the clock means you have to be a people person.


A Perfect Fit?

If you’re still thinking that working in a restaurant is a good fit for you, you should know that it’s not as simple as walking in and expecting an immediate job offer. People often mistakenly believe that it’s an easy industry and fail to prepare themselves appropriately. If you do think it’s a good fit, then you should take it seriously. Even though you’re only looking for a seasonal job, many of the same interviewing tips apply as when you’re looking for a more permanent position. First, don’t bring friends with you to drop off your resume. Next, and perhaps more importantly, be prepared for some tough interview questions.


The interview process may be more casual than that of an office or desk job, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t be subject to intense scrutiny. Zety offers many articles that outline potential job interview questions and the best ways to answer them. further points out that one of the most frequent types of questioning you’ll hear is asking why you’re interested in a non-permanent position. Be as honest as possible and put some thought into your responses.


Bigger May Be Better 

When it comes to finding part-time employment, bigger is better. Chain restaurants may be more likely to have these expendable, temporary positions. This advice applies to retail jobs, too, as big-box stores, such as chain restaurants, get busy during the holiday season. Keep in mind that, as someone that will have to rely on gratuities for the bulk of your income, you may need to prioritize other benefits. Seasonal employment is great if you’re looking to build your resume or want a discount from your favorite store or restaurant.


No Experience Required 

One of the biggest draws of working as a server is that there are no formal educational prerequisites. However, depending on where you live, you may be required to undergo food handler training and certification. If you’re going to be serving alcohol as part of your job, specifically if you would like to work as a bartender, you will likely be required to hold licensure before serving any alcoholic beverages to customers. There are many online training courses, and you are not required to have a job to get certified.


Millions of Americans hold part-time jobs, and many of these are exclusive for the holiday season. Remember, there’s no shame in needing to pad your income. Most employers will appreciate your honesty going into it. So, polish your resume, prepare for some tough questions, and invest in a good pair of work shoes. After all, you never know when life will serve up an opportunity to earn a few extra dollars.

Special Thanksgiving Day Hours at The Nodding Donkey

Once you’ve had enough turkey and family time and are ready to watch a few of your favorite Thanksgiving Day games, then head on over to see us at The Nodding Donkey!


Special Thanksgiving Day Hours: 3pm – Midnight


Yes – we’re open on Thanksgiving! No, we won’t be early for brunch, but we will open our doors at 3pm so you can catch your favorite afternoon and evening games, or grab a bit to eat before heading out to early Black Friday shopping. We’ll be open 3pm until midnight, so plenty of time for your to grab a craft brew, munch on some delicious crispy fried appetizers, or follow up that turkey dinner with one of our delicious Texican entrees.



The Game is on at The Nodding Donkey!


With over 17 big screen TVs, you know your favorite games are always on, and Thanksgiving Day is no exception. Here are a couple of the games we’re looking forward to this year:


·     Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins - 3:30pm CST: We’ll be open just in time for you to grab a seat for the annual Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game. This year, they face off against the Washington Redskins for a chance to get into the playoffs this year. 

·     Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State – 7:30pm CST: This annual rivalry game is always interesting, and you never know who is going to come out victorious in this year’s Egg Bowl. Our bets are on Ole Miss, but it will be a fun one to watch for sure!


Join us Thanksgiving Weekend!


Can’t make it in on Thanksgiving? No problem. We’re open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, giving you plenty of opportunities to watch football, discuss your favorite Black Friday Weekend steals, and just hangout at the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas – The Nodding Donkey!