Best Appetizers in Uptown are at The Nodding Donkey

We’re in the midst of some great sports matchups – The College World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals – and you can catch them all with us at The Nodding Donkey Uptown!

While here, be sure to get one of our amazing appetizers. The starters at The Nodding Donkey Uptown are not your typical bar food! Our team of chefs only uses the highest quality ingredients, ensuring the fresher, most flavorful dishes. Just because it’s food at a bar, doesn’t mean it has to stereotypical bar food!

 Looking for suggestions? Here are a few dishes to try at The Nodding Donkey Uptown!

·      Texas Queso: Everyone has their take on the traditional queso, and we have to admit, we think ours is the best! We use a creamy blend of fine cheeses and Anaheim peppers to create just the right amount of kick. Topped with chopped brisket, fresh corn, homemade pico de gallo, and a jalapeno relish, you will love this dip!

·      Smokey Guacamole: If our queso doesn’t peak your interest, then what about some homemade guacamole and chips! Ripe avocadoes, fire roasted fresno peppers, freshly made pico de gallo, and smoky bacon made for the perfect blend!

·      Fried Jalapeno Skins: Our jalapenos are stuffed with chorizo sausage and Oaxaca cheese, then wrapped in bacon and deep fried. The result = incredible. Served with our signature red ranch, these jalapeno skins do not disappoint!

·      Stacked Nachos: A bed of warm tortilla chips stacked high with queso and other cheeses, seasoned beef, picked jalapenos, lettuce, and pico de gallo. It’s hard to beat!

nodding donkey stacked nachos


Join us at The Nodding Donkey Uptown this week to catch a game and try one of these incredible starters! We pride ourselves on being the best sports bar in Dallas, which means our atmosphere, food, and drink specials just can’t be beat. Any night of the week, you’ll sure to find a deal on great food and great drink specials in Dallas.