Celebrate the Weekend with Half Price Brunch All Summer Long!

Yes you read that right!

Every Saturday and Sunday, The Nodding Donkey puts together one of the best brunch menus in Dallas. Everything from eggs, bacon, breakfast tacos, fresh fruit, and more. After a crazy week, it’s one meal you simply can’t beat!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, The Nodding Donkey sweetens the deal – and makes brunch half price all summer long! What the what!

Want a little refresher course on what’s on the menu so you can gear up to join us this weekend? Here are a few of our customer favorites:

·      Brisket & Scramble Tacos: Breakfast tacos never tasted so good! The Nodding Donkey adds a little flare to the run-of-the-mill breakfast taco with brisket smoked in-house and green chile sauce, paired with sharp cheddar and scrambled eggs. It’s breakfast taco heaven.

·      Salsa’D Eggs: These eggs are just what they sound like. Fluffy, scrambled eggs are scrambled in fresh salsa, then topped with avocado, freshly made pico, and tortillas.

·      Backyard Benedict: It’s Eggs Benedict with a twist! Ours features homemade biscuits, layered with Canadian bacon and fried eggs, then drizzled in tasso ham gravy. Let’s just call it Eggs Benedict, southern style.

·      The Giant: Speaking of southern, The Giant is a southern-style breakfast just like your mama made! Biscuits, sausage gravy, crispy bacon, and eggs cooked just how you like ‘em!

eggwich the nodding donkey

Each of our brunch menu items is served with purple potato and bacon hash, a house favorite. And don’t forget to order a Bloody Mary, mimosa, or screwdriver to start your morning off right!

Join us at The Nodding Donkey for one of the best brunches in Uptown Dallas! Served from 11am-2pm Saturday and Sunday, and BONUS – it’s HALF OFF ALL SUMMER LONG! See you this week at the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas!