Deal Alert! Get $2 off today!

Did we get your attention?! Good.

So here’s the deal: The Nodding Donkey Uptown has struck up a partnership with ChowNow to bring our menu of delicious offerings right to your fingertips. That’s right, all our great food is now available for order with a few swipes on your smartphone. Sandwiches, salads, tacos, nachos, etc. – all available with just a few easy steps.

nodding donkey uptown

Get the App.

First things first. You’ll need to download our Nodding Donkey Uptown app from the App Store OR you can just text DONKEY to 33733! The app is powered by ChowNow, a leader in bringing online ordering to the masses in a simple, straightforward manner, so you know it will be intuitive and easy to use. And don’t worry, the download is completely free!

Pick your Poison.

Like we said, browse the entire menu with ease, select the foods you are in the mood for, and then order them for pickup right then and there. Choose from our entire menu of delicious appetizers, salads, sandwiches, “Texican” fare, and more.

Get $2 off!

When you place your first order through our Nodding Donkey Uptown app, you will automatically receive $2 off your order of $10 or more. Simple as that!

Enjoy your meal!

Go by the Nodding Donkey Uptown at your specified time to pick up your fresh, mouthwatering meal.

So the next time you are thinking about picking up some fast food on the way home, stop yourself and remember the Nodding Donkey Uptown. We are conveniently located to offer you a better choice for late night cravings or a meal on the run.

The $2 discount is only available for a limited time, so go download the app today and give it a try! We know you’ll be impressed by its ease of use!