Go Team USA! Olympic Watch Party is at The Nodding Donkey!

We are now less than a week away from the Olympic opening ceremonies, and we don’t know about you, but over at The Nodding Donkey, we’re getting pretty excited! And if you know anything about The Donkey, our watch parties are always accompanied by drink specials and one helluva party.


The Games

The 2016 Summer Olympics will take place in beautiful Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Opening ceremonies are Friday, August 5, and we can’t wait to see the pageantry and sense of patriotism. As usual, Team USA is expected to walk away with a plethora of medals in sports such as swimming, archery, basketball, track & field, gymnastics, and so much more. According to the Associated Press predictions, Team USA is expected to take home a gold medal in the following events:


·      Men’s 400m

·      Men’s 400m Hurdles

·      Men’s Decathalon

·      Men’s Triple Jump

·      Men’s Shot Put

·      Men’s 4*400m Relay

·      Women’s 100m

·      Women’s 400m

·      Women’s 100m Hurdles

·      Women’s 400m Hurdles

·      Women’s Long Jump

·      Women’s High Jump

·      Women’s Pole Vault

·      Women’s 4*100m Relay

·      Women’s 4*400m Relay

·      Men’s Basketball

·      Women’s Basketball

·      Women’s Beach Volleyball

·      Women’s Middleweight

·      Women’s Road Race Cycling

·      Women’s Team Pursuit Cycling

·      Team Equestrian Jumping

·      Fencing Foil

·      Fencing Foil Team

·      Women’s Golf

·      Women’s Team Gymnastics

·      Women’s All Around

·      Women’s Beam

·      Women’s Floor

·      Women’s Vault

·      Men’s 50m 3-position Rifle Shooting

·      Men’s Skeet Shooting

·      Women’s Skeet Shooting

·      Women’s Soccer

·      Men’s 100m Freestyle

·      Men’s 100m Backstroke

·      Men’s 100m Butterfly

·      Men’s 200m Butterfly

·      Men’s 200m Individual Medley

·      Men’s 4*200 Freestyle

·      Women’s 100m and 200m Freestyle

·      Women’s Tennis – Singles & Doubles


The Drinks

In honor of the 2016 Rio Olympics Games, The Nodding Donkey in Dallas, Texas will be showing events on all of our big screen TVs throughout the games, plus adding drink specials to make your visit to The Donkey all the more pleasant. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the rundown on our Dallas daily drink specials:


·      Mondays: $5 Crown & Down

·      Tuesdays: Half Priced Wine

·      Wednesdays: $3 Donkey Punch & Purple Nurple

·      Thursdays: $5 Local Drafts

·      Fridays: Happy Hour 4-7pm

·      Saturdays-Sundays: $4 Bloodys and Mimosas from Open to 1pm


And don’t forget to join us for Dallas Happy Hour, where domestic drafts and wells are just $3, wine and imports are $4. It’s a great way to unwind and catch the Olympic highlights of the day.


Join us at The Nodding Donkey - the best sports bar in Dallas - for the opening ceremonies Friday night, Aug. 5, and then throughout the games from Aug. 5 –Aug. 21. GO TEAM USA!

Photo courtesy  Newswire

Photo courtesy Newswire