Healthy and Delicious - Health Benefits of Salads

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s now March, and swimsuit season is fast approaching. Which means, it’s time to trim the fat, get on the treadmill, and eat more veggies!

What you may not know is that you can eat healthier at The Nodding Donkey restaurant Uptown Dallas by trying one of our delicious, fresh salads! Need even more convincing? Here are just a few more reasons why salads are awesome for your overall health and well being:

·        Improve Muscle Tone: Spinach and greens are full of nitrates. These nitrates increase the protein levels in the muscle tissue, in turn making them stronger.

·        Boost Digestion: Salad greens are chock full of fiber, and fiber speeds up your digestive process by slowing the sugar absorption into the bloodstream. This is why many recommend eating a salad at the end of your meal – not the beginning.

·        Reduce Food Cravings: Crave fatty, sugary food?! Then eat a salad! Salads are shown to reduce craving levels.

·         Strengthened Immune System: Vegetables are high in antioxidants which help make the immune system stronger and more efficient. Also, improved digestive health – from higher fiber in your system – can reduce the risk of certain diseases.

·        Better Eyesight: Romaine, spinach, and red leaf lettuces all contain Vitamin A carotenoids, zeaxanthin, and lutein – all nutrients that help the eye adjust between lights and darks and protects the eye from harmful light.

So what kinds of salads does The Nodding Donkey Uptown have? We have 3 delicious, healthy, and filling options on the menu – each suited to different tastes. Our Texas Baja Salad is full of TexMex goodness like black beans, corn, chicken, and avocado. The Cobb is loaded with egg, bacon, romaine, and more. And lastly, our ever popular Silver Bowl salad takes the cake. Romaine, oranges, grapes, spicy chicken, 2 dressings, and more, this salad is unbeatable!

Join us this week for Dallas lunch specials on our salads and more!

The Nodding Donkey Uptown's Silver Bowl Salad = Out of this World!

The Nodding Donkey Uptown's Silver Bowl Salad = Out of this World!