Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Actually – we’ll hit you with three of our best shots: Tuaca, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Whiskey, and Firefly Moonshine.


And the deal gets even better because each of these delightful shots are just $5 each, every day, all day. So which one to choose? Here are a few reasons why we love these Dallas shot specials!



Tuaca is a whole lot like Grand Marnier – but with an Italian flare. Legend has it that the original recipe for Tuaca dates back 500 years ago – to a time in ancient Italy when Lorenzo the Magnificent ruled. He loved the arts – everything about the Renaissance age – and the story has it Tuaca was blended in honor of him. We just love it because it’s got subtle hints of orange and vanilla, and it goes down oh so smoothly.

tuaca nodding donkey


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire Whiskey

Cinnamon whiskey is all the rage, and Tennessee Fire Whiskey packs a punch! It’s whiskey with a cinnamon bite; no child’s play here. Jack Fire – as it’s often called – hit the scene last year and folks at The Nodding Donkey love it because it’s not as sweet as that other well-known cinnamon whiskey shooter. It’s full bodied and great for mixing with drinks or straight up shootin’.

tennessee fire nodding donkey


Firefly Moonshine

Now here are the shot specials that the ladies love – Firefly Moonshine. Fruity, delicious, sweet – it’s easy to go overboard because it’s like drinking candy! Firefly Moonshine – based out of South Carolina - has perfected the science of a good old-fashioned moonshine. Available in a variety of flavors – from Apple Pie, to Blackberry, to Caramel, to Ruby Red – there is something for everyone!  You can even mix flavors – like half Caramel and half Apple Pie – for a Caramel Apple Pie shot that’s awesome. If you’re looking for a shot that’s easy to down – Firefly is perfect.


Join us at The Nodding Donkey Uptown any day, any time for these amazing Dallas shot specials! Tuaca, Jack Fire, and Firefly Moonshine – all just $5 each!!