It's Not Tex-Mex - It's Texican!

You all know that The Nodding Donkey Uptown prides itself on being the Best Sports Bar in Dallas (thank you D Magazine readers for the kudos!!) We love infusing southern hospitality, good ole’ saloon style comfort food, and delicious Tex-Mex food to create something all our own. Something we affectionately call – Our Texican Menu.

The Nodding Donkey’s Texican menu is traditional Tex Mex and Texas BBQ – combined! Here are a few of the delicious offerings:

•    Tacos: A traditional favorite, beloved by many, our tacos come with your choice of smoky brisket, chicken, fish, picadillo, or pulled pork. Served up with sour cream, guac, and a little bacon, these tacos really hit the spot.

•    A Little Bit of Chicken Fried: No southern menu is complete with a few “chicken fried” items! Our Chicken Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak are both crispy and tender, served with classic gravy, whipped, fluffy mashed potatoes, fresh corn, and your choice of homemade biscuit or dinner roll. Comfort food at its finest.

•    Enchiladas: Make them your way! Choose between brisket, fish, picadillo, or pulled pork, rolled in warm tortillas and topped with our special enchilada sauce. Also served with rice and beans.

•    Hot Dogs: Don’t worry; these are not your normal, run-of-the-mill hot dogs! Our hot dogs are made of 100% premium beef and topped with delicious brisket chili, a jalapeno relish, and a freshly grated cheddar. The perfect accompaniment to watching the big game!

Our amazing "Big Tex Hot Dog." Everything is bigger - and tastier - in Texas!

Our amazing "Big Tex Hot Dog." Everything is bigger - and tastier - in Texas!

Join us this week at The Nodding Donkey Uptown and take a walk on the Texican side of things! Conveniently located at the corner of Thomas Ave. and Allen St. in Uptown Dallas, we pride ourselves on being a casual, fun restaurant and bar, without compromising the quality in our food. Our chef’s pride themselves on creating unique creations that are reasonably priced and delicious.