Lighter Fare for the New Year

Oh how we love to eat during the holidays! Sweets, calorie laden casseroles, fatty meats – they are all oh. so. good!

And then the new year rolls around….and we all feel like big fatties who need to eat a little better.

Well, at The Nodding Donkey Uptown, you’re in luck! You don’t normally expect good,  healthy food from a sports bar, but we’re not your average sports bar either! We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients to create meals that satify.

Now we aren’t claiming that everything on our menu is healthy, but we can guarantee some lighter fare to help you eat great and stick to your new years resolutions:

·         Smokey Guacamole: This is guacamole taken up a notch. The secret? Fire roasted fresno peppers. They give it a little extra punch. Served with warm chips, it’s loaded with goodness.

·         Texas Baja Salad: Bed of lettuce topped with warm chicken breast, black beans, corn, cucumber, onion, and avocado. It’s a salad that’s delicious, light, and yet still filling!

·         Silver Bowl Salad: It’s the “original” Nodding Donkey salad! Bacon bits, grapes, orange slices, red bell pepper, and spicy grilled chicken all grace the top of a freshly chopped pile of romaine lettuce. Served with balsamic vinaigrette and Caesar dressings. (Hold the Caesar to go lighter on calories.)

"The Original" Silver Bowl Salad

"The Original" Silver Bowl Salad

·         Texas Cobb: The traditional Cobb salad gets a Texan twist. Your choice of meat – grilled chicken, pulled pork, or Mexican ground beef – sits atop a bed of romaine. Also topped with jicama, bacon, Texas pecans, boiled egg, and your choice of dressing.

·         Smoked & Sliced Turkey Sandwich: Freshly smoked turkey is paired with a spicy cranberry jam and ooey gooey Oaxaca cheese, all between two slices of freshly baked, homemade Texas toast.

Head on over to The Nodding Donkey Uptown today to catch a game, grab a drink, and try one of our lighter menu offerings!