Skip the Tex-Mex. Order Texican at The Nodding Donkey!

We all know Dallas is the Tex-Mex capital of Texas. Around every corner, you’ll see another restaurant boasting amazing tacos, chips and salsa, and the like.


So what makes The Nodding Donkey any different? One word: Texican.


What’s Texican?!

Glad you asked. “Texican” is traditional Mexican food infused with elements of good ol’ southern barbecue made right here in the great state of Texas. When you try our dishes off the Texican menu, you’ll take in the flavors of smoked meat, slow cooked the way your favorite barbecue joint does it, combined with your go-to Mexican food favorites. Our Executive Chef Rhett Dukes prides himself on mixing flavors in new, unexpected ways, and he’s knocked it out of the park with The Nodding Donkey’s Texican menu.


So what should I order?

Here are a few customer favorites to get you started:


·      Allen Street Tacos: A house favorite! Choose between juicy, slow-roasted brisket, chicken, or pulled pork tacos, each topped with homemade pico de gallo, lettuce, and cotija cheese. The meal comes with 3 tacos, so choose one of each to experience them all!


·      Marias Enchiladas: Not your run-of-the-mill enchiladas. Each enchilada is stuffed with mouth-watering brisket and Oaxaca cheese, then smothered in our house ranchero sauce and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, and more cheese. The smoky flavor of the brisket balances the ranchero and adds a new twist to your old favorite!


·      Fajitas: Looking for a dish you simply can’t go wrong with?! The Nodding Donkey fajitas are always a winner. Tender chicken or beef, fresh tortillas, and all the fixins. Don’t miss the homemade fire roasted salsa – it’s perfect with fajitas!


Each of our Texican entrees comes with refried beans and chipotle rice. And don’t forget to add a local Dallas craft beer or a pitcher of Donkey Punch. No meal is complete without the best drinks in town at the best restaurant and bar in town!


See you this week at The Nodding Donkey for the best Tex-Mex – errr Texican – in Dallas!