Spooktactular Lunch Specials at The Nodding Donkey

It’s downright scary what a great deal our lunch specials are at The Nodding Donkey!


If you work anywhere around Uptown Dallas, join us this coming Halloween week for lunch specials that will knock your socks off! Great food, great atmosphere, and amazing prices. Here’s what you can expect each day:


Monday: $6.95 Burgers

When you consider the price of a sub-par fast food burger, the price and quality of our Monday lunch special just can’t be beat! Choose between the classic Saloon Burger, Mushroom Onion Burger, the Bacon Blue Cheese Burger, or create your own! We’d recommend just one, but **swoon** they are all fabulous with seared all-beef patties and homemade brioche bun.


Tuesday: $7.95 Salads

Take advantage of our Tuesday salad special to get the Original Silver Bowl Salad at a fraction of the price. Everyone loves it and you will too! Or maybe try something new with our Miso Tuna Salad. It’s seared sesame tuna, carrot, jicama, cucumber, and cilantro, all on a bed of napa cabbage, then drizzled in miso-peanut sauce. YUM.


Wednesday: $6.95 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Skip the fast food version and try the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich at The Nodding Donkey! Crispy. Spicy. Perfection. Need we say more?


Thursday: $7.95 Fajitas

Need a little Tex-Mex fix? The Nodding Donkey has you covered with $7.95 fajitas for lunch on Thursdays! Your choice fo chicken or beef, all the fixins you could want, and our homemade fire roasted salsa. Don't forget to order a margarita to go with it!


Friday: $6.95 Chicken Strips

Our chicken strips are breaded in house, rolled in 9 different herbs and spices for a flavor that is ours alone. Pair our chicken strips with a draft beer or house cocktail and you’re set. Perfect start to any weekend.


These deals extend beyond Halloween, so join us any weekday between 11am-2pm to take advantage of these amazing Dallas lunch specials!


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