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8 Reasons Beer is Actually Healthy for You

This just in…drinking beer can actually have a positive effect on your overall health. At The Nodding Donkey in Dallas, Texas, we already knew that it helped put us in a better mood and just plain feel better, but research suggests it does more than that.

1.     Gives an Immunity Boost

Crazy right?! A study from the Oregon Health and Science University shows that drinking beer in moderation has been shown to boost immunity and fight off infections before they even start. Maybe it’s because beer has some antioxidant properties. Maybe it’s because beer is magical. Who knows – but it means I’ll be drinking more this winter season!

2.     Helps Rehydrate after a Big Workout

At study from Granada University asked people to workout to a body temperature of 104, then half the sample drank water; half drank beer. The interesting thing? Those who hydrated with beer recovered faster and were more hydrated!

3.     Improves Kidney Health

All that beer circulating through your kidneys can do you some good. A Finnish study showed that every bottle of beer you drink lowers your risk of kidney stones by 40%.

4.     Prevents Neurological Diseases

Alzheimers and Parkinsons risks are reduced by drinking moderately. As it turns out, the hops feature a compound called xanthahumol that may prevent these diseases from occurring.

5.     Strengthens Your Bones

Milk isn’t the only thing that does the body good. Give a few glasses of beer a try! Beer has a compound in it called bioavailable silicon, which is essential for bone health. According to one study, your body will absorb 64% of the bioavailable silicon in beer!

6.     Get Better Sleep

Beer is rich in lactofavin and nicotinic acid, both natural substances that cue sleep.

7.     Aids Digestion

You may not think about it, but beer is rich in fiber – a substance essential for proper gut health.

8.     Wards off Blood Clots

Beer thins the blood naturally, preventing blood clots from forming throughout the body.

Have we convinced you yet?! Come by The Nodding Donkey Uptown for a few glasses of Dallas craft beer today. Cheers to better health!

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