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Which Appetizer will You Enjoy While You Watch the Game?

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It’s Football Season at The Nodding Donkey and that means we’ve got games galore! Join us Saturday or Sunday to enjoy your favorite college football games or NFL games. Plus – there are plenty of games on during the week too! 


While you’re here…you’re going to get hungry. Sure – you came for the beer (we’ve got the best craft beer selection around btw), but now you’ve got the munchies. Which appetizer will you pair with that beer? Here are a few customer favorites!


Brisket Queso

Brisket + ooey gooey queso = YES! This dip is perfection with melted cheddar cheese, brisket we smoke in-house, fire-roasted Anaheim peppers, corn pico, jalapenos, and chow-chow all combined into one flavorful dip. If you’re feeding a group (or just really hungry) you can also order this as part of our Triple Dip starter that gets you this awesome brisket queso, guacamole, and salsa. 


Willy’s Wagon Wheels

This is just our fancy name for fried pickles and they’re so good! Enjoy the best fried pickles in Dallas, as we lightly batter each slice and then deep fry it until golden brown. Served with ranch.


Loaded Cheese Fries

French fries are better when you top them with all the goodness. Our loaded cheese fries come with queso, shredded cheddar, green onions, and crumbled bacon all piled high and ready to enjoy.


State & Allen Chicken Strips

This chicken strips hail from our sister restaurant – State & Allen – and are a huge hit here as well! If you’re looking for more than an appetizer and need a light lunch or dinner, the chicken strips are a great choice. Each tender strip is marinated in a blend of 9 herbs and spices before hitting the deep fryer. Served with fresh cut French fries and your choice of sauce.


So what will it be? Join us this week at The Nodding Donkey – the best sports bar in Dallas – for football, beer, and great appetizers! 

The Best Sports Bar in Dallas has the Best Appetizers Too!

As the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas, you’d expect us to have an amazing selection of beer, wine, craft cocktails, and the like. 


You’d expect us to have TVs galore so you can see the big game with ease. 


But did you also realize we have some of the best appetizers in town too?!


The Nodding Donkey takes pride in all of our scratch kitchen creations, and nothing about our menu is straight “bar food.” Whether visiting us to watch the game, grab a quick bite to eat, or just to grab a drink with friends, don’t forget to try some of these amazing appetizers we have at The Donkey as well:


Brisket Queso


Let’s getting something straight: you do not want to miss the brisket queso here at The Nodding Donkey. Delicious queso melted cheddar cheese, fire roasted Anaheim peppers, corn pico, jalapenos, chow-chow, and the finishing touch, our in-house smoked brisket. Want to really kick it up a notch? Then, you can also order our Texas Triple Dip, complete with brisket queso, guacamole, and salsa. (Of course – chips are included too.)


Willy’s Wagon Wheels


We don’t know Willy, but we love his Wagon Wheels! Our Wagon Wheels are simply The Donkey’s version of fried pickles. Hand battered. Crispy. Served with house ranch. So delicious you’ll need two orders!


Loaded Cheese Fries


Few things say “I mean business” like an order of cheese fries. Whoop and holler for your team, all while chowing down on these fresh cut French fries loaded with bacon, queso, shredded cheddar, and green onions. 


Chicken Wings


The great thing about our chicken wings is that they’re served your way. We prepare them just for you! Each order is smoked, then fried and served with your choice of sauce: S&A buffalo, bbq, spicy bbq, lemon pepper, or just classic buffalo. 


Homemade Jalapeno Skins


Stuffed jalapenos never tasted so good! At The Nodding Donkey, we stuff them with Oaxaca cheese and chorizo, wrap them in bacon, then deep fry them to perfection. Wowza. 

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So the next time you think about visiting us at The Nodding Donkey, don’t hesitate to order one of these mouthwatering appetizers! We know you won’t regret it!

When It’s Gotta Be Fried... Football & Fried Food at The Nodding Donkey

Fried food lovers rejoice! The Nodding Donkey has a large selection of delicious fried options sure to hit the spot. Whether you’re joining us for lunch, dinner, or just to watch a game with your buddies, a fried food fix is what you need. Here a few gameday favorites to get your mouthwatering:


Willy’s Wagon Wheels


Definitely one of our customers’ favorite appetizers! Willy’s Wagon Wheels are really just fried pickles, battered and deep fried for deliciousness that oozes out of every bite (okay, maybe that’s grease, but whatever! It’s good!). Served with our homemade ranch dipping sauce. And bonus: these can be made gluten free. Just ask your server.


S&A Chicken Strips


Our signature chicken strips are great for a snack, lunch, or dinner. Each chicken strip is marinated, rolled in 9 herbs and spices, then deep fried to make one of the best fried foods in Dallas. Each batch is served with French fries. And now on the menu…Wicked Chicken Strips! They are just like the original, but tossed in buffalo sauce! Yum!


Fried Buffalo Chicken Sandwich


Speaking of spicy…another customer favorite is the Fried Buffalo Chicken Sandwich! Our crispy chicken breast is tossed in a sweet cayenne sauce, then served with your choice of toppings on a brioche bun. 


Donkey Balls


Yeah, the name is funny, but these balls of fried goodness are no joke! Our Donkey Balls are fried balls of Oaxaca white cheddar cheese, with just a hint of jalapeno mixed in. Dip them in ranch or marinara; we dare you to order just one plate! 


So the next time you’re in the mood for some delicious Dallas fried food, come watch the game with us at the best sports bar in Dallas and order up one of our tried and true customer favorites! The Nodding Donkey is open 7 days a week; hours vary daily. 

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