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Too Many Choices? How to Select a Great Beer at The Nodding Donkey.

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If you’ve visited us lately (or any other bar in Uptown Dallas for that matter) , you’ll notice that the beer menus aren’t what they used to be – and in a good way! They are full of local craft beer, interesting microbrews, and varieties you may never have heard of before. 


How do you know what to order? 

What if you want to try something new?


Here are a few tips on how to select a great beer from your friends here at The Nodding Donkey:


Bring Friends to Bounce Ideas Around

Look, drinking with a friend is already better than drinking alone. Bring your buddies, and bounce ideas off of one another. Maybe he’s tried a new local craft beer you haven’t. Use each other’s recommendations to introduce you to new beers you may love.


Go Straight to the Bartender for Help

If you aren’t sure what you want, but want to hear more about what’s good, then head over to the bar. Do not ask your waiter or waitress what they recommend! While they have good intentions, their answers are going to be more open-ended and top-of-mind than if you go straight to an expert at the bar. It’s like expecting a waitress to have the same knowledge of wine as a sommelier. 


Don’t Start Too Strong

Beers can be all over the place in terms of flavor, and our recommendation is to start with something lighter and less bitter to start out with. Otherwise, a heavier, more bitter beer will just overpower your taste buds – leaving you with a lack of awareness for all the richness of the beer. Start with a white ale or something similar and go from there. Our bartenders can also direct you to a flight that will build and cater to your palate. 


Know Your Palate.

Speaking of palate, know what you love. Take time to write down notes in that handy “Notes” app on your phone about which beers you have tried. What did you like? What didn’t you like? If you know there is a type of beer you don’t like, then steer clear of that beer and others like it. The more you get to know your own personal preferences, the more you will love the beer you are drinking.


Ready to try some great beer?! Come see us at The Nodding Donkey – the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas – for the best beer selection in town! 

Beyond the Classic Mule - Variations You'll Love at The Nodding Donkey

Moscow Mules are one of the most popular cocktails at The Nodding Donkey, and it’s easy to see why. They are refreshing, light, and oh so good.


But what if we told you we’ve got variations of the classic that are just as delicious?


Come on in to The Nodding Donkey – the best sports bar in Uptown Dallas - this week and order one of these amazing mules, each with a different spin on the traditional ginger beer – vodka – and lime combo.


·      Kentucky Mule: Feel like you’re at the derby with this delicious mule. Ginger beer and Jim Beam make one tasty twist on the classic.

·      Irish Mule: Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll need to come in and snag an Irish Mule. Jameson Irish Whiskey, ginger beer, and lime make one helluva team. Who knows – it might even give you the luck of the Irish!

·      Mexican Mule: Skip the vodka and head straight for the tequila! Tequila, lime juice, and ginger beer make this cocktail the perfect accompaniment to a our amazing brisket queso and fresh tortilla chips.

·      Garden Mule: Refreshing and fruity, we love this combination of blueberries, mint, and cucumber added to the traditional mule recipe.

·      Cherry Mule: If you grew up on Shirley Temples, then this one is for you! Cherry vodka, lime, ginger beer, and maraschino cherries make the perfect adult Shirley Temple.

·      Apple Cider Mule: Really more of a fall mule, but what the heck. We think it tastes pretty good in February too! Substitute apple cider for lime juice and you’ve got a spicy twist on the classic.


So who’s in the mood for a Moscow Mule?! Join us at The Nodding Donkey this week and order up your favorite mule. The best sports bar in Uptown is open 7 days a week for the best mules in Dallas!

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Get Ready for Texas-OU Weekend at The Nodding Donkey Uptown!

ootball season is in full swing, and the much anticipated annual Red River Showdown is right around the corner! On October 10, all eyes will turn to Dallas for one of the greatest football rivalries in the country: University of Texas vs. Oklahoma University.

texas ou weekend dallas nodding donkey


Whether you’ve got a ticket to the game or not, you know the Nodding Donkey Uptown is the place to hangout that weekend. Let’s rehash the reasons why, shall we…


1.     Best Sports Bar in Dallas: We are so honored and proud to be awarded the best sports bar in Dallas by D Magazine readers!

2.     Extended Hours: On Saturday, Oct. 10, The Nodding Donkey will open at 8:30am for pregame brunch. Which brings us to our next reason…

3.     Best Brunch in Uptown: The brunch at The Nodding Donkey is a hit and there is always something for everyone on the menu. Not to mention, $3 mimosas, manmosas, and bloody marys until 2pm. Join us bring and early at 8:30 on Saturday or at 10am on Sunday after the game.

4.     Amazing Atmosphere: We love the vibe on college game days in Dallas – especially at The Donkey! Everyone comes decked out in their favorite college gear and the place bustles with people inside, outside on the patio, playing games, watching one of our many big screens… It’s like your local Dallas tailgate.

5.     Drink Specials: There are always incredible Dallas drink specials and craft brews on tap at The Nodding Donkey, and you can expect no less during Texas-OU Weekend!

6.     Hot New Menu: We recently released a new menu at The Donkey, full of food that’s anything but your ordinary bar food. Burgers, salads, sandwiches, tex mex favorites, etc., all with a fresh spin.

Bring your friends and join us at The Nodding Donkey for our version of a Texas-OU Tailgate! You won’t want to miss it!