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Uptown Dallas Dinner Specials at The Nodding Donkey

Looking for an easy, inexpensive weeknight dinner that doesn’t taste like fast food cardboard?


The Nodding Donkey – the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas - has the perfect solution!


3 nights a week we offer a few of your favorite scratch kitchen meals for a fraction of the regular retail price.  Why wouldn’t you pop in for a delicious dinner and a craft beer to go with it?! Here are the current weeknight dinner specials, served each night from 4pm – closing time:


Monday: Half Price Wings

Smoked in-house then fried to perfection, you can’t go wrong with wings at The Nodding Donkey! Customize the flavor by choosing your favorite sauce. We’ve got BBQ, spicy BBQ, State & Allen buffalo, classic buffalo, and lemon pepper. You can even get the wings baked instead of fried or gluten free. Just ask your server for details!


Tuesday: $8.95 Salads

Eating your greens never tasted so good! No salad at The Nodding Donkey is bland; each comes loaded with tasty goodness so you won’t even realize you’re eating a salad for dinner! Whether you get the Texas Baja, signature Silver Bowl Salad, Texas Cobb, Mediterranean, or the Miso Tuna, each one is just $8.95 for dinner on Tuesdays.


Thursday: $8.95 Fajitas

Kick off your weekend with delicious fajitas as The Nodding Donkey! Our fajitas come sizziling hot and served with all the fixins, so there is no need to go down the street and overpay for fajitas. Spend the savings on a few craft beers or margaritas and you have the perfect meal.


Don’t overthink dinner this week! Join us at The Nodding Donkey for Dallas dinner specials that can’t be beat!

*Please note that all specials, promotions, and pricing are subject to change at any time.  Please confirm with your server should you have any questions about current pricing. 

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New Year. New You. Try Salads at The Nodding Donkey.

It’s a new year, and the new year typically comes with new years resolutions. Most of us want to spend less, enjoy family and friends more, be less stressed, and of course – lose weight and get healthy!


You may think dining at The Nodding Donkey Uptown is going to be difficult when you’re on a health kick, but think again! The Nodding Donkey has tons of great menu options available for Dallas lunch, dinner, happy hour, or anytime. Our foods are prepared fresh with fresh ingredients, local even when we can. And when you want to pack in a few more greens, you’ll definitely need to check out our amazing selection of salads! Delicious combinations that are sure to fill you up, while being easy on the waistline. Here are a few of our favorites:


·      The Famous Silver Bowl Salad: When looking for the best salad in Dallas, you definitely need to try this one! It’s THE salad to order at The Donkey and it’s loaded with goodness: Fresh grapes, bacon crumbles, red bell peppers, orange slices, and spicy chicken are atop a bed of romaine lettuce, then tossed with not one – but two made-from-scratch dressings. So good.

·      Miso Tuna Salad: Looking for something with an Asian flare? Get out of your comfort zone and try the Miso Tuna Salad. Sesame Tuna is the star of this dish, seared to perfection, then placed atop a salad chock full of napa cabbage, jicama, carrot, cucumber, and cilantro. And the miso-peanut sauce that’s drizzled on it is amazing.

·      Mediterranean Salad: Fresh and simple, our Mediterranean salad boasts grilled chicken, olives, cherry tomatoes, red peppers, and lettuce, tossed in a homemade feta vinaigrette. Served with a pita and hummus, or without for Dallas gluten free eating.


These are just a few of the salad offerings available at The Nodding Donkey! Swing by today for lunch, dinner, Dallas happy hour, or anytime and we’ll treat you the healthier side of the best sports bar in Dallas!

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