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Dallas Drink Specials: All Week at The Nodding Donkey!

You don’t have to wait for a big game or event to get great Dallas drink specials at the best sports bar in town.


Nope – The Nodding Donkey has drink specials every day of the week. Here’s a rundown on our regulars:


Mondays: $6 Crown Royal

Start the work week off right with $6 Crown Royal all day long. Getting it on the rocks, or make it a Crown and Coke – the choice is yours. Want to change it up a little bit? Order our Vanilla, Regal Apple, or Deluxe Crown, all for just $6/glass.


Tuesdays: $5 Margaritas

Texican Tuesday is complete when you order a $5 margarita, specially created just for you with Altos Tequila. Altos Tequila is 100% agave tequila, handcrafted in small batches in Los Altos, Mexico, With Maestro Tequilero Jesus Hernandez at the helm for the last 17 years, this tequila is smooth and makes a mean margarita.


Wednesdays: $4 Donkey Punch & Purple Nurples

We’re asked all the time what makes our Donkey Punch and Purple Nurples so great, and well, the secret stays with us! Both are our own signature cocktails, and can be ordered as individual drinks or as pitchers. And at $4 a glass on Wednesdays, you can afford to order a round to celebrate Hump Day!


Thursdays: $5 Three Olives Vodka

Oh how we love vodka. And on Thursdays, your favorite vodka drinks are just $5, made with Three Olives Premium Vodka. So order up your favorite vodka tonic, martini, or Moscow Mule, all at one amazing price.


Fridays: $4 Captain Morgan Loconut

Grab a shot of Captain Morgan Loconut for just $4 on Fridays! What’s that you say? You aren’t familiar with Loconut? Captain Morgan’s Loconut is a blend of their signature rum, spices, and a coconut liqueur. It will make you dream of summer on the beach.


Join us this week at The Nodding Donkey for Dallas drink specials everyday!

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4 Classic Cocktails to Try Now! - The Nodding Donkey


It is a familiar scene. You’re at the bar, you draw a blank as to what you want to order, and then fear gets the best of you and your mumble something like “Malibu and Coke” to the bartender.


Now – there is nothing wrong with a Malibu and Coke…but c’mon…let’s try something new! The Nodding Donkey is here to help with 4 classic cocktails to order now:


The Paloma


Perfect for: Margarita lovers


The Paloma is refreshing and light and will be a new staple for those who gravitate toward margaritas. Made with tequila, grapefruit juice, and club soda, it is a simple drink that is big on taste. If the Paloma sounds good, you may also try our menu-based cocktail – the Texas Greyhound – made with Skyy vodka infused with grapefruit and club soda.


Moscow Mule


Perfect for: Vodka-based cocktail lovers


The #1 googled cocktail of 2015 is at The Nodding Donkey, and if you have been under a rock and haven’t given it a try yet, now’s the time.  Our menu-based mule is made with Grey Goose Original Vodka, ginger beer, and a touch of lime, giving you a Dallas moscow mule that is easy to drink and oh so smooth.


Old Fashioned


Perfect for: straight whiskey lovers


Up your game and throw back to the Mad Men era with an Old Fashioned. It’s stout – made with rye whiskey and bitters – but it will soon become a favorite for putting a little hair on your chest. Don Draper would be proud.




Perfect for: gin and tonic lovers


Take the gin and tonic to a new level with the gimlet, a mixture of gin and lime juice. Light and easy, you won’t go back to the gin and tonic anytime soon. Looking for something a little sweeter? Try The Nodding Donkey’s Bombay Sour. Gin, Fleur elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, and simple syrup make this cocktail a favorite with the ladies.


See you this week at The Nodding Donkey for these and other Dallas drink specials!

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