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Summer Vibes: How to Make the Perfect Skinny Margarita

Summer has arrived and you’re either thrilled you get to lay by the pool – or terrified to wear your suit on your upcoming vacay.


Summer isn’t summer without a cold drink in hand, and one of our favorites that’s easy on the waistline is the skinny margarita


What is a Skinny Margarita?

 A skinny margarita is simply the flavorful cocktail you love, made a little lighter. But don’t think of it as a “diet margarita,” stripped of flavor and substance. No – a skinny margarita is simply low in calories – not flavor.


What’s the Secret to the Perfect Skinny Margarita?

The secret is fresh ingredients. Many margaritas – and cocktails in general – are loaded with heavy mixes made with artificial flavors and colors. Instead, the perfect skinny margarita uses fresh ingredients for a margarita that is guilt-free and tastes great. 

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How to Make the Perfect Skinny Margarita 


Use Premium Tequila 

 When opting for fresh, perfect skinny margaritas, don’t settle for anything less that 100% pure agave tequila. Surprisingly, one shot of tequila has less calories than a shot of vodka, so you’re already on your way to a lighter cocktail. 


Substitute Orange Juice for Triple Sec

 If you want that fresh citrusy flavor in your margarita, you can get it with freshly squeezed orange juice, adding less calories than a traditional orange liqueur like Triple Sec. 


Add a Splash of Water

If you feel like your margarita has too much bite, cut the sour with a splash of water. The water works as a perfect complement to the lime juice and tones the flavor down, bringing out the sweetness instead of extreme tart flavor.


Skip the Blender

 Your skinny margarita will taste better over the rocks than blended frozen. While we love a frozen margarita as much as the next person, it tends to numb your tongue, making it difficult to enjoy the full spectrum of flavor in your cocktail.


Fresh Lime Every Time

 Again, always use fresh lime juice instead of a mix or even the bottled lime juice for the fullest flavor. 


Agave Nectar Sweetens Without the Guilt

 Many traditional recipes will have you use simple syrup, but substitute agave nectar and you’ll get that same sweetness you crave – at a fraction of the calories. Plus, agave nectar helps regular blood sugar. 


So before you start believing you’ve got to cut all indulgences out of your diet asap, make a skinny margarita at home and enjoy the fresh flavors of summer that are also easy on the waistline. And if you’re looking for the best cocktails and craft beer in Dallas, you can always come see us at the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas – The Nodding Donkey.