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The Mystery Behind the Copper Mug

What makes that copper mug so special anyway? 

 You know…the one that holds the Moscow Mule? 


At The Nodding Donkey, we pride ourselves on being the best sports bar in Dallas, Texas, and with that comes a killer drink menu. A few years ago, the Moscow Mule took off as a customer favorite and continues to be extremely popular today. But why the copper mug? Here are a few reasons why the copper mug and the mule go hand-in-hand:


1.   It’s Science Baby.

Here’s the thing – copper is a natural insulator. Even in the heat of summer, that drink will stay cooler in the mug. And yet at the same time, the copper quickly takes on the ice cold properties of your mule, giving you that icy, frozen sensation every time your lips meet the metal. Not to mention, the handle is perfect for keeping the heat of your hand away from the cool drink, allowing the drink the opportunity to stay at optimal temperatures longer. 


2.   They Taste Better.

Okay, this one is subjective, but many experts believe that when copper reacts with vodka, it creates an oxidation effect, boosting the flavor profile of the mule. Also – copper increases the carbonation in the mug, simply by keeping the drink colder than other glasses can do. And maybe it’s just us, but it seems like the citrusy lime flavor gets a boost too when met with the chill of a copper mug. 


3.   It’s Timeless. 

Ever since the Moscow Mule was invented in the 1940s, the copper mug has been a part of the experience. Whether you believe that the copper enhances flavor or not, you can’t argue that there is something timeless about holding a Moscow Mule in a copper mug. 

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Thirsty for a mule? Come see us at the best sports bar in Uptown Dallas, Texas – The Nodding Donkey – today for Moscow mules, beer, wine, and more!