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The Nodding Donkey Delivers – For Free!

Want to stay in, snuggle up, and watch Hallmark Christmas movies all day?


Or are you more of a “stay in and watch football for hours” kinda person?


Either way – you’re going to need to eat at some point  - and we’ve got some good news for you: The Nodding Donkey offers free delivery! 


No need to leave your home; you can still get the delicious flavors of the best sports bar in Uptown Dallas, all without leaving the couch.


Step #1: Visit our online ordering page.


Our online ordering is powered by Amazon Prime, and the first question it will ask is, “what is your zip code?” We just want to verify that you are within The Nodding Donkey’s delivery zip codes. If you live in and around Uptown Dallas, then you’re good to go. If you live in Plano, you might be out of luck.


Step #2: Pick what you want!


Once you’re signed in, begin looking through our menu and decide what to order. The full menu is available online, and many of our entrees come with a photo so you can see exactly what you are ordering for food delivery in Uptown Dallas. Choose between tasty appetizers, salads, sandwiches, sides, Texican entrees, or burgers. And on the weekends, you can even order brunch delivered straight to your door!


Step #3: Checkout and Wait!


Once you’ve picked all your favorites, simply sit back and wait! We’ll take it from there. You will receive an approximate wait time at checkout, so you know exactly when to expect your food. It will show up hot and ready to be consumed.


So the next time you’re hunkered down at home and have no motivation to get out for food, order lunch, dinner, or brunch from The Nodding Donkey with free delivery every day! 

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