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2019 Cocktail Trends You'll Want to Know About

As the best sports bar in Dallas, we’ve got a pulse on what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to cocktails, spirits, craft beer, and wine. 

So what can we expect to see in the cocktail industry this year? We’ve scoured the expert lists and taken note of what we’re seeing in-house to bring you our list of expected 2019 cocktail trends


Multi-Sensory Experiences

 We’re seeing an influx in multi-sensory experiences that add to the enjoyment of a cocktail and make it feel more unique. One way bartenders are doing this is with smoked cocktails and spirits. Another is with variations in ice – giant chunks of ice, small shaved ice pieces, and even customized branded ice are taking the scene and adding to the overall cocktail experience.


It’s All About Colors that Pop

 With social media taking over so much of our lives, a trend toward creating cocktails that not only taste great – but look mouthwateringly fantastic too – is a very real thing. Look to see more bright colors, striking garnishes, and interesting glasses take over your local bars and Instagram account alike.

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Drink Your Veggies

Cocktails that infuse vegetables are on the rise, offering healthier alternatives to the sugar laden cocktails of the past. Chefs are seeing more herbs too. Think cucumber, dill, carrots, and even mushroom incorporated into cocktails near you.


 Less Sweet; More Savory

In line with more veggies, expect to see less sweet cocktail offerings. Bartenders are pairing down the cocktails, going back to simpler ingredient lists, made with higher quality ingredients. Bitters are also on the rise, contributing to fresh – and not overly sweet – flavor combinations.



Bartenders nationwide are discussing how to leave a smaller carbon footprint, with sustainability even finding its way into the cocktail discussion. Bartenders are looking for ways to leave less waste and skip wasteful add-ons like straws. 


What do you think? What’s on the horizon for 2019? 


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