We all have a lil' texican in us.

The Nodding Donkey embraces our texican heritage and we wanted to offer some food that shows Dallas what being a texican is all about. So we mixed our love for great tex-mex and mixed in some of our BBQ charm and BAM!!!!! We have our Texican Side of Things menu at the Nodding Donkey Uptown. 

This menu has such great food choices like our "Allen Street" Tacos  that come with your choice of Brisket, Chicken, Fish, Picadillo, or Pulled Pork. Everyone loves street tacos but you will be blown away with our Allen Street Tacos.

We offer The Changa which is our spin on a chimichanga. It comes with your choice of fresh meat and served with black beans and rice. This Nodding Donkey Changa is mouthwateringly delicious and will be served fresh out the fryer to you.

We have Osiel's Enchiladas as well that will satisfy your tex-mex enchilada craving and then some. enchiladas are a staple in the texican community and we did our best to create the tastiest of enchiladas for Dallas. Don't take my word for it, come in and try it for yourself!


This menu also contains some texas favorites like Chicken Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak. You can't be from Texas and not love either of these fried pieces of yumminess. Naturally we also have a Big Texas Hot Dog offered on our menu because that is definitely a staple in the Texas community. We all want a hot dog from time to time, so why not have a huge hot dog topped with brisket chili, jalapeño relish and cheddar on our homed buns.

Food takes on a new delicious shape at the Nodding Donkey Uptown, so don't wait any longer and come try one of these amazing menu items on our Texican Side of Things menu. 

Any day is a good day to come in, we have drink specials everyday of the week, so if you want a fun time with your friends and are feeling a lil' Texican then make your way over to the Nodding Donkey and chow down on some fine tex-mex food and delicious drinks.